Upcoming Events




 February 10, 2016 Ash Wednesday 
(Ashes will be distributed during all Masses)

7:00am-Mass in Polish
11:30am-Mass in English
5:30pm-Ashes Only-No Mass
7:00pm-Mass in Polish


6:00pm -Gorzkie Zale po Polsku

6:30pm-Msza Sw. po Polsku
11:00am-Stations of the Cross in English-Droga Krzyzowa po Angielsku
11:30am Mass in English-Msza Sw. po Angielsku
6:00pm-Stations of The Cross in Polish-Droga Krzyzowa po Polsku
6:30pm-Mass in English-Msza Sw. po Polsku
2:00pm-Lenten Lamentations in English 



Join us for the Lenten Lamentations in English in the upper Church for five Sundays of Lent With Deacon Michael Rubitz February 14, 21, 28, &  March 6, & 13th at  2-3:00pm. The hour long devotion consists of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Sung Prayer/Lamemtations, Hymns, Silent Adoration, and a talk on the Blessed Mother of Benediction. Come pray with us and spend one hour in the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament as we meditate on the Passion, Suffering and Death of our Lord through the eyes of his Blessed Mother Mary.


June 2016  Holy Cross Church Bazaar

It is time once again to start the planning for the next Bazaar! June 16-18. This is a major fundraiser for our church and helps us provide for the stable financial future of the parish. We need all of our “veterans” back this year and welcome everyone to join our fun, productive (and not too long!) meetings. Every year the same dedicated group of volunteers donates their time and energy to putting on this Bazaar to raise the funds necessary to support our parish community.  Unfortunately, new parishioner participation is disappointingly lacking. The Bazaar Committee needs more parishioners to step up and help with this vital endeavor. Our next meeting will be on Monday, February 8, at 6:00 pm in the rectory meeting room. Want to help but can’t make the meeting? No problem, just give Paul Korzynski a call at 860-670-3536 or send him a note atpkorzynski@att.net.